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Your Favourite Female Character in A.H?

This is the polls suggestion thread where we can suggest on many subjects/topics. Let's take the following as the first example. So have a look and see what kind of polls you're interested in ^^" 


Who is your favourite female character in Angel Heart?

The poll was created at 10:59 on October 12, 2013, and so far 1 people voted.
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It's a close fight ><" but in regards to how much I like the character or prefer, let's see!

Mm, I chose Yang cos I find her interesting and quite a beauty; her softer features she emits ^^' and despite her losing an eye and a hothead, I still like her as she is though! ^^" haha

I do like the rest too~Kaori for beign such an angel! and Saeko for just being herself (she makes you feel like you want to embrace n protect her feeelings somehow) Xiang Ying is still a young girl who is just lovely and deadly at the same time! ^^" Miki is the little sister or daughter one would love to embrace n that's it. ^^

We'll have the guy's poll soon! ^^

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